Toddler Playtown
at the Milford Mall

Please note: Things change so fast in Connecticut that this information may no longer be accurate.

One day I took my daughter and son to the Milford Mall to shop.

I had the grandbaby too. So I took the grandbaby in the stroller, and we walked around while they shopped.

I went to the lower level, and was delighted to see they had a Playtown set up for toddlers, and also a train ride.

Playtown at the Mall

Everything was made of a type of foam, so toddlers don't get hurt.
The car was the favorite toy for Alannah. See her big smile?

Playtown car at the Mall

So if you have to go shopping and take your wee ones, be sure to check out Milford Mall's Playtown. It's a perfect place to relax with the baby while your kids are Christmas Shopping too.

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