Milford Mall Directory Maps

Please note: Things change so fast in Connecticut that this information may no longer be accurate.

I don't know why, but whenever I go to the Milford Mall I can't find the stores I am looking for.

I even stop and look at the Mall Directory and Map. So this time I took a picture!

I'll tell you one thing that is wrong with their Mall Map, and that is... they are suppose to put an X that says, "You Are HERE" and they DO NOT!

It drives me crazy. How are we suppose to figure out where we are?

You would literally have to locate a store around you, then try to find it in the directory, and then follow the alphabet/numbers on the map, and then ... try to remember what store you are looking for, and where the heck you are parked and how to get there. Oh My Gosh, somebody please fix the Milford Mall maps!

Milford Mall Directory Map

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