Milford Mall Jewelers
Shopping at the CT Post Mall

Please note: Things change so fast in Connecticut that this information may no longer be accurate.

Don't you just love walking through the Milford Mall, and when you turn a corner, you're eyes are teased by all the fine jewelry. Oh, I always have to stop and look, especially at the diamond rings. And all the jewelry just seems to be sparkling!

With Christmas coming up, you may want to buy a nice ring or other fine jewelry at one of the Jewelers at the Milford Mall. But the Mall can be packed at Christmas all the time.

Mall First Floor

So before you go, here's a list of the jewelers and fine jewelry stores in the Milford Mall.

Jewelry and Accessories

Belden Jewelers -
Claire's Boutique -
Gordon's Jewelers -
Kay Jewelers - 2 D - first floor
Michaels Matthew's Jewelers
Piercing Padoga -
Plumb Gold - 2 D - first floor
Whitehall Jewelers -
Zales Jewelers -

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