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Please note: Things change so fast in Connecticut that this information may no longer be accurate.

As you may have noticed, there is massive construction going on at the Milford Mall.

We were there last week and was delighted to see that the covered parking garage in front of the mall is completed.

But you know what? We still had to drive around to the back of the mall to park and go in through the JC Penny entrance.

Anyway while we were there I took a picture of the list of new stores that they are adding to the Milford Mall, and methinks when they are done it will be better than ever. Really, I can't wait.

Milford Mall New StoresAnyway, here's a

List of the new stores and shops
going into the Milford Mall

Bank of America
Expanded Filenes
New Born and Raised USA
Panera Bread
Renovated JC Penny
Trade Secret

Coming Soon!

Filene's Furniture Store
New Parking Garages
New Gap, Baby Gap, Gap Kids
Steve and Barry's
Torrid Plus Sizes
Westfield Playtown

Opening Spring 2006!

Exciting New Dining Options
New Food Court
New Specialty Stores
State of the Art Family Lounge

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See huge map of the Lower Level or Upper Level or the Food Court

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