Babies R Us Boston Post Rd
Milford Connecticut

Well here's the story we have on Babies R Us.

My daughter got a gift card from her shower from Babies R Us.

She went to the store and picked out everything she wanted.

When she went to the register to check out, there was no money on the card.

So she had to leave everything at the counter and leave. She talked to the manager and he told her to contact the guests that bought the gift card and get a receipt. (what a hassle)

Babies R Us Milford

The guests that bought the gift card, had to go get another card with the money on it. It's a good thing they still had the receipt. So apparently, when they bought the gift card it wasn't scanned and money added, even though they paid the money for it.

It took about two weeks for it all to get straightened out so she could go shopping for her baby at Babies R Us. So if you get a card for a gift, be sure they add the money to it.

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